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Did you know?

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

But why we are discussing this here?

In this guide, we are going to discuss the tools that can help a writer to optimize content which will rule on the search engine’s first page.

If you want to get benefitted from your articles, they must be visible on the first page of SERPs because the second page is considered the best place to hide dead bodies.

What does it mean?

When a reader searches for something, he will go through the first 5-6 results displayed on the first page and nobody visits the second page.

So, you need to write your articles in a way that search engines instantly rank up your content.

What is an SEO-optimized article?

As we all know that SEO stands for search engine optimization and depends on various factors like:

  • The uniqueness of the content.
  • Readability of the content.
  • User-experience.
  • And many more.

If you want to write an optimized article, then you must focus on the above-mentioned factors.

Keep in your mind that if you want to rank up higher then you must focus on search engine optimization otherwise, it is nearly impossible.

But writing SEO-optimized content is not that simple, you need some tools for this. And the good thing is, we are going to discuss the top 5 tools that help in the optimization.

5 best tools for writing the SEO optimized article

There are many tools available on the internet but we have concluded the five best and must-use tools in 2022.

Have a look at them.

  1. Plagiarism checker –
image - IIDM - Indian Institute of Digital Marketing

Prepostseo is one of the platforms that are offering hundreds of writing tools but here, we are going to discuss the plagiarism checker of this platform.

First of all, understanding the working and importance of a plagiarism checker is very important.

As we have mentioned above that to optimize your content, it must be unique but how do plagiarism checkers make the content unique?

Plagiarism checkers do not make the content unique; this is just a misconception but without plagiarism checkers, we cannot make content unique.

A plagiarism checker is used to highlight plagiarism and you can only remove the plagiarism after highlighting it.

So, have a look at the plagiarism checker of Prepostseo.


As soon as we get into any tool, we notice the interface of that tool and luckily, this plagiarism checker comes along with an easy interface.

A user doesn’t need any technical information about this tool, just needs to get into this tool and start using it.

Pricing plan

Prepostseo offers their plagiarism checker in both versions i.e., paid and free; both of these two versions are efficient.

If your requirements are basic like you need to check 1000 words at a time then you can go for the free one else, get the paid subscription.

Input options

There are multiple sources offered by this plagiarism checker. You can input the file from the following sources:

  • Google Drive
  • Local Storage
  • Dropbox
  • Simply copy-paste the text into the input box

Languages offered

You can check the files which are written in languages other than English. Here are the offered languages.

  • Espanola
  • Turkish 
  • Arabic
  • German 

Chrome extension

We also have the chrome extension of this plagiarism checker. This can save the user time.

You can add the extension to your google chrome and start using it.

  1. Article rewriter –  
image 1 - IIDM - Indian Institute of Digital Marketing

As we have mentioned above uniqueness must be prioritized so, it is compulsory to use a rewriter for this purpose.

If you are a writer, you must use this tool at least once in your career but if you don’t, here is the complete explanation of this winning tool.

An article rewriter is used to rewrite content by adding relevant synonyms and in this way, you can make your articles unique and plagiarism-free.

We are discussing the article rewriter by due to its functionality and efficiency.

Pricing plan

Same as the previously discussed tool, this article rewriter offers two versions; one is paid and the other one is free.

You can rewrite your article for free but if you want to use the creative mode of this tool then you must pay for it.

Offers multiple languages

There is a list of languages offered by, you can rewrite the content in any of the offered languages. Below are some of them.

  • Turkish
  • Indonesian
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Text input options

We have two input options; one is to copy-paste the text in the input field and secondly, you can upload a file from the local storage.


This tool is very easy-to-use as it requires no signup or login for the free version. You need to get into this tool and start using it.

Safe and secure assures the safety and security of your content as the content you will upload, will not be used by anyone.

  1. Grammar checker –
image 2 - IIDM - Indian Institute of Digital Marketing

It is very compulsory to make your content grammatically perfect and we can say that it is not that easy when you are doing it manually.

Then what to do?

You can simply use a grammar checker to highlight and eliminate all the grammatical mistakes in your content.

All you need is to get a grammar checker and start using but there are hundreds of checkers available but which to consider and which to ignore?

We have done this task for you. Here’s a grammar checker offered by which is accurate and efficient as well.

Let’s have a look at some important features of this tool.

Problems solved by this checker

This grammar checker is a full-fledged tool for writers as this eliminates or highlights every mistake commonly appeared in content.

Here are some of the mistakes that this tool highlights.

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Punctuation errors
  • Incorrect article usage
  • Sentence fragment
  • Irregular conjunctions

After avoiding all the above-mentioned mistakes, you’ll end up getting grammatically perfect content and you can share that content anywhere on the internet.

Resolve all errors

You don’t need to remove the grammatical issues one by one, just click on the “Resolve all errors” options and this tool will automatically replace all the mistakes with the relevant suggestions.

This feature can save time and energy.

Pricing plan

This grammar checker is all the way free to use, there is no need to pay for eliminating grammatical issues.

There is only one version available of this tool and that is completely free.

No login/signup required

For using this tool, no signup or login details required, you can simply get into this grammar checker and make your content grammatically fit.

  1. Keyword researcher – Ahrefs
image 3 - IIDM - Indian Institute of Digital Marketing

It is very important to add keywords to your content but how can you find the right keywords to add to your content?

Obviously, Ahrefs is a good choice to get the most relevant and useful keywords that can be added to your content.

You can simply use the keywords explorer of this tool to explore relevant keywords.

Tools offered

Here are some other tools offered by Ahrefs, have a look at them.

  • Content explorer
  • Site explorer
  • Keywords explorer
  • Site audit 
  • Rank auditor

You can use all of these tools to optimize your content or even your website so, let’s get to it.

Paid version?

Ahrefs is a paid tool, you have to pay the chargers for using this amazing tool. You will get few days of free trial and after that, you need to pay the subscription fee on monthly basis.

All-in-one SEO tool

Ahrefs is considered an All-in-one SEO tool as it provides various SEO tools on a single platform so, you can use them and get benefitted. 

Basic and advanced guides

This SEO platform not only offers tools but also provides basic and advanced guides to beginners or even professionals.

You can have these guides in the form of blogs and videos.

  1. Keyword finder – Ubersuggest 
image 4 - IIDM - Indian Institute of Digital Marketing

Same as Ahrefs, this tool is also a great source to find out the relevant keywords to use in content. This tool also helps in finding the intent of the retrieved keyword.

Ubersuggest is developed by Neil Patel and is used by millions of bloggers, writers, and many other people.

You cannot only find keywords but you can also track the stats of a website and get to know how well a website is going.

It provides a final report including:

  • Keyword volume
  • Competition 
  • CPC
  • Seasonal trends

So, if you want the above-mentioned queries then you must use Ubersuggest.

Pricing plan

Like other keyword finders, Ubersuggest is also a paid tool that only gives some free searches and after that, you need to pay the monthly charges.

Tools offered

We have mentioned all the tools offered by Ubersuggest.

  • SEO analyzer
  • A/B testing calculator
  • Backlinks checker
  • Website traffic checker

Chrome extension

This tool also provides the facility of chrome extension, you can add this extension to your Google Chrome and save your time.


There are multiple tools that are specifically created for optimizing the articles or other content but some of them shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

And we have mentioned all of the important tools, you can have a look at them and optimize your article in no time.

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