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Many individuals are already getting benefits from IIDM Bootcamps to improve their skill set. This allows individuals to shift to a new work profile with ease.

At IIDM, we provide 350+ hours of practical training in digital marketing, with 100% guaranteed placement and certifications. Get IIDM advanced training and stand out from the crowd.

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Learn in-demand skills from industry experts and get certified for a brighter and more secure future.

What role does digital marketing play in your success?

For Students

Freshers can begin their careers in digital marketing as freelancers or affiliate marketers.

For Professionals

Working professionals can get a higher salary and earn more money. Improve your skills. Increase your career opportunities.

For Entrepreneurs

Expand your business by getting more quality leads and customers without hiring overpriced agencies.

Industry’s Most Comprehensive & Practical Program

Our In-demand, Future Focused Program

350+ Hrs of Learning

50+ Modules

Led by 5+ Industry Experts

Online & Classroom Training 

15+ Certifications

100% Placement Assistance

Best in class LMS

Paid Tools & Softwares worth 80k

Adv. Digital Marketing Course Training Fee: Rs: 94999/- Rs: 49,900 + GST

Our Top-Rated

Flagship Courses

Make yourself noticeable. With our diverse variety of courses, you can learn, achieve, and excel.

Instructor Led Online & inclass Digital marketing Course

Do you want a one-on-one mentor or mentorship? We will help to walk you through a real-time online one-on-one training program with one of our digital marketing experts.

Self Paced Online Digital Marketing Course

Enjoy learning Digital Marketing at your own pace with lifetime access to all of our videos and updates on Digital Marketing.

Specialized Digital marketing Master Classes

Learn about specialized digital marketing topics and modules to help you achieve your business goals, like SEO.

Why Choose Indian Institute of Digital Marketing

Since our courses are project-based, our students should undergo extensive practical training.

We can help you with everything from creating your website to making a complete digital marketing campaign for any business or budget.

The course is designed for anyone interested in starting a career in digital marketing or improving their existing digital marketing skills.

IIDM will help you achieve your goal of landing your first job, boosting your career, allowing you to work as a freelancer, and even establish your own business.

Best Industry Leaders

We guarantee that you will not only be taught the fundamentals of digital marketing but you will also get trained by professionals who live and breathe digital marketing.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

We provide all classroom, online, and self-paced courses, so you can study whenever and wherever you want with the most updated information and weekly doubt clearing sessions.

Professional Certification

Since certifications are essential for professional growth and better job opportunities, we will prepare you to pass all industry-standard tests such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Hubspot, etc.

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Our 10 Courses in One Digital Marketing Program

with 70+ Digital Marketing Modules

Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

Google Ads

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Web Analytics

15 Industry Certifications

Join our community of 5000+ students

Our Rock-Solid 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

You can invest with trust in our course since our 7-day money-back guarantee always covers you — no questions asked.

Benefits of Joining IIDM

A door to multiple opportunities

IIDM prepares you to pursue the profession of your interest, from freelancing to business and personal branding!

Communicate with industry leaders

IIDM prioritizes networking by introducing you to industry professionals with whom you can connect and form long-lasting connections.

Lifetime community support.

IIDM provides lifelong round-the-clock help for any doubts or questions with the biggest Facebook community support group.

Professional Trainers

Each IIDM trainer has over 10+ years of industry experience.

Class Recordings
Missing classes is not an issue, and revising your courses is a lot simpler. Relax, since all of your lessons are recorded, you can get recordings for all your classes.
Practical and interactive learning
We focus on providing practical and interactive learning with hands-on activities.
Individual Attention and Collaborative Learning
The ideal environment for collaborative learning is created through intensive sessions, brainstorming, and a robust Q&A community.
Attend classes from any location and save time.
With only a laptop and an active internet connection, you can learn from anywhere. Save up to 120 hours of valuable travel time and use it toward studying.

Kickstart your Career in Digital Marketing

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The course is a robust and includes practical program that covers 50+ modules, 150+ hours of training, 15+ certifications (Google Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Microsoft Bing, and so on), Live Capstone Projects, Best in Class LMS, Most Advanced Curriculum, Paid Tools & Software worth 80,000 INR, Internship opportunities, and 100% Placement Assistance with Best-in-Class Infrastructure.
Our Training Approach: We don’t want to spend our time with theories, so we take a hands-on approach to training.
Our Learning Management System: This is where you can practice and revise by watching the video.
Our Faculty: Our faculty consists of industry experts and professionals. Who designed the curriculum in response to industry trends? We have a dedicated team that educates and helps you implement various strategies into action in real-world scenarios.
Course Structure: The course is designed for college students, working professionals, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs.
Our courses are continuously updated to reflect industry advancements. We endeavor to provide our students with the best digital marketing skills available.
Choose a digital marketing course now and let IIDM take your knowledge to the next level.
This is the most frequently asked question: “Sir, what can I do when I complete the course, or who should learn digital marketing?” Students and graduates can get a high-paying job in digital marketing while working as part-time freelancers, affiliate marketers, or creating their own digital marketing agency. They can provide digital marketing services to the clients. Working professionals who have lost their jobs in the IT field can shift to digital marketing or effectively manage their current digital marketing team. Our digital marketing training for business owners will help you take your business to the next level.

Digital marketing is changing how businesses sell their goods and communicate with potential customers. It improves the way marketers convey their stories and creates important lifelong connections. As a result, jobs in digital marketing are in great demand.

So, what are the prospects for a career in digital marketing? A good digital marketing profession makes you highly competitive, offers additional career opportunities, and increases your earnings. Digital marketing is more engaging and interesting because of its flexibility and versatility.


Due to intense market competitiveness, there is a promising career path in digital marketing skills. Each business depends on the Internet to find new ways to increase sales and compete in the global market.


You can use the Internet to understand customers and the market, build product awareness, sales leads, and sales predictions, collect customer feedback; and figure out how to satisfy your customers.

A high salary package
Freelancing opportunities
An opportunity to earn money online
Multiple career opportunities.
An opportunity to work from home
A growing career option
Simple to learn and explore
No prerequisite requires
Certification opportunities
Recession-proof industry
Grow your business.
Start your own business.

Students often inquire about the salary and pay scale for digital marketing.

Freshers (0 to 3 years of experience) can earn anywhere between 2.2 to 5 LPA.
Mid-level professionals (3 to 10 years of experience) can earn anywhere between 5 to 20 LPA.
Top professionals (10+ years of experience) can earn 20 to 50+ LPA.

Salary reflects skill, expertise, years of experience, the number of projects completed, and success stories.

There are several ways to earn money with digital marketing.

1) Look for a job in digital marketing.
2) Earn money as a freelancer
3) Get a job as an affiliate marketer.
4) Start a YouTube channel.
5) Using your eCommerce store to sell your products and services.

Yes, you can work as a freelancer after the course, as we will teach you how to find clients, create proposal templates, and more. After completing the course, you can easily start offering freelance services.

Learning digital marketing does not require a specific degree or academic background. A degree in any field, such as engineering, business administration, management, or accounting, is preferred. Even students in their 10th or 12th grade are now working in digital marketing.
Job roles change from company to company and are determined by their needs. Here are a few examples of digital marketing job roles. E-commerce strategist, CRO specialist, copywriter, web designer, content strategist, social media marketer/strategist, PPC specialist, SEO specialist, email marketer, Digital Marketing Manager, growth marketing manager, brand manager, project manager, content marketing manager, social media manager, paid advertising manager, SEO manager, community manager, affiliate program manager, etc.
Yes, we promise 100% placement after completing the course and all projects.
After completing the course, you should be able to get a job in digital marketing that pays up to 20,000/month as a fresher. However, it is entirely dependent on your profile, company, and expertise. You can earn a passive income by working on freelance projects. Start with affiliate marketing and other professions. The amount of money you make is determined by the amount of time you are ready to invest and your desire to learn and explore.
Yes, students will get access to our Learning Management System, where you will view all of the lectures, videos of live sessions, tests, weekly roundups, etc. Even the tools and their license keys are available inside the LMS.
The course lasts 2 months (weekday batches) and 4 months (weekend batches). Weekdays are Monday to Friday, and every day the classes last 2 hours. If you miss those lessons, you can watch the recorded sessions or attend other batches where those subjects are covered.

Simple answer NO, you don’t need to have any coding skills. Basics that is required is taught in the class

The simple answer is “NO.” You do not need any coding expertise. The lesson covers the necessary fundamentals. How many certifications will I get? The major certifications that will prepare you are as follows: Google Ads (6+ certificates) Bing Ads (2+ certificates) Hubspot (5+ certificates) Twitter (paid exam) Facebook (paid exam)
The training course provides 100% certified practical training; what we teach is what we do in real-world scenarios and live projects.
There are no requirements for studying digital marketing. There is no need for programming or technical skills, and no degree or diploma is necessary. To study digital marketing, you will need a laptop, an Internet connection, and a lot of enthusiasm.
Yes, we provide a 7-day, no-questions-asked refund policy.

How to Get a High Paying Job in Digital Marketing?

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