Google Analytics

Google analytics is a popular and widely used web analytics services for managing, tracking and analyzing web site data. It is a web analytics service that provides statistics & necessary analytical tools which help in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. Google Analytics is the most popular and best tool for the purpose of monitoring and analyzing traffic to your website.

At our Google Analytics trainings, we’ll dig in and explore ways to use Google Analytics to gather more meaningful data, analyze it better and make your website perform. From basic definitions to event tracking to cross-domain tracking, we’ve got you covered.

We offer three full days of training, starting with our introduction in Google Analytics 101 all the way to technical implementation in Google Analytics 301. Pick which course is best for you, or come for the full three days!

Our trainers are actually consultants here at IIDM, working every day in the materials they’ll be teaching – so you’ll get real-world tips and someone who can answer the difficult questions.

Introduction to PPC

  • What do inorganic search results mean and why are they important
  • Understanding PPC advertising: Tips and Tricks
  • Analysis of Microsoft Adcenter with Yahoo and Bing
  • How to set up Google Adwords account and grasping its essence
  • Adwords account structure: Campaign, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords
  • Different types of advertisement campaigns
  • Adwords Algorithm – what is adword rank & how it ranks
  • Basics of Quality Score
  • Click-through rate (CTR): Importance for online advertising
  • Tips for bidding: building competency

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